April 27, 2010

Around the Internet

From Dmitry Maximov's 'Invaded by Little Aliens' project, via Sweet Station.

From David Lyle's current show 'At the End of the Day', via Wooster Collective.

The Ricky Gervais podcasts. I just can't help myself.

Straight Line Design Inc - Melting drawers? Fiesty wardrobe? So, so cool! | Where the people lead, the leaders will follow - "It seems that Murray McCully has listened. His comments this afternoon indicate that he is now committed to ending whaling in the Southern Ocean..." | Dude, what just happened? - Russell Brown re: Operation Lime. You'd think that the police force have enough actual crime to worry about. | Private members bill drafted to stop mining - "Concern about changes to schedule 4 conservation land that open up protected land to mining has led Labour MP Jacinda Ardern to lodge her first Private Members Bill." It'll be interesting to see if anything comes from this. Metiria Turei's Bill just got drawn; if it goes through it'll make Ardern's one irrelevant. The ultimate Earth Day present - "The Crown Minerals (Protection of Public Conservation Land Listed in the Fourth Schedule) Amendment Bill will retain the existing provisions of Schedule 4 protection in the Crown Minerals Act, but would require an Act of Parliament to remove something from Schedule 4, once it has been gazetted." I wonder if our politicians are in the mood to do something good for once. Fingers crossed!

April 25, 2010

Enjoying Alyz

Nationwide protests against surveillance bill | Borneo finds new species - "including a lungless frog, the world's longest insect and a slug that fires "love darts" at its mate" Ace!

Ava I by Alyz

Red Alert by Alyz

Her website is Visualyz. Go there!

Enjoying: Plums, cola mentos, dressing up to go to the dairy, being able to walk properly again (!), mum's caramel slice, hot water bottles, bloomers, cookie-presents, violets, staring out the window at an overcast sky from the snuggly-warmth of my bed.

April 24, 2010

Matilda Tattoo - Quick photo

Matilda has been one of my favourite stories ever since I was teeny tiny.

Last night we queued a couple of episodes of the Big Bang Theory (so obsessed with this show) and put her on my foot! Yay! Behold:

Blurry and at a bad angle, but you get the idea. I wasn't supposed to take photos until it's finished healing - there will be some good snaps in a week or two! I just love it so much that I had to share.

Considering something from the Witches for the other foot, or possibly one of Ralph Steadman's illustrations for Fear and Loathing.

Goodtimes Party Metal Tonight at Medusa

NLL gigs are always fun times with rad people!

I'll be the one sitting down, experiencing the madness from a safe distance :-p

Dancing with my arms since I can't move my lower body much, haha.

April 23, 2010


"I swim, swim in a flickering. The relays clatter in my head...dreamy phase! I race through the convolutions of my brain, I look through the vitreous spheres of my eyes...exquisite speech bubbles burst in my brain, bespatter my perception, drip from furniture. In a rabble of words from condensed perceptual mist! The echo of the anthropomorphic shit resounds from every atom, to form calcified vessels. My watch ticks...tic-toc, like a small bird in a steel case, my head is a glass bubble through which one can glimpse a frantic ticking cog wheel mechanism -- and here, here in my pocket I have a little key with which I can set this mechanism in motion whenever I want."
- From the autobiography of Albert Einstein by Gerhard Roth (1972), via A Journey Round My Skull

What a dude.

April 21, 2010

Hospital & Hamner

Well! I got rushed off to hospital last Tuesday night. Three nights and four mornings later, back home, with a smiling scar below my belly! Wellington Hospital treated me so goddamn well. People give the health system a lot of shit, but everyone who helped me from arriving in ED thru being discharged was wonderful. (And it was free, too.)

It is very good to be home, however :-)

There is still one week to go before I can expect to be able to do much of anything active, so I've been laying in bed, reading book four of a million-book fantasy series, pumped up to the eyeballs with painkillers. Though today I went for an Adventure Outside, down to the dairy to buy supplies* with Cam, who is keeping a close eye on me and growling whenever I try to do too much <3 xx

Good timing, at least! Lucky I hadn't needed a hospital the previous week, which involved a trip to Hamner Springs via a night in Kaikoura. So much fun! The travelling to and fro was wonderful, too. I find that getting from A to B can be one of the most amazing parts of a trip away, especially if the sky is as clear and landscape as stunning.

Hamner is super-relaxing and just generally beautiful and great. The awesome motel, the homemade fudge place (Creme Brulee & Cookies and Cream!), mini golf (!), the Pickled Pig, becoming a prune in the hot pools, wandering around enjoying somewhere different, lights zig-zagging between huge trees at nighttime. Such an awesome holiday. I had never been to Hamner before; it doesn't have that tacky, plastic, touristy feel that some such places do, I'm looking forward to visiting again!

Pot smokers out for high holiday | Samsung Series 7 3D TV - Such a fan of 3D. Bring on 3D everything, as far as I am concerned. | Cirque du Soleil to create Thriller show

* butternut snaps, Cadbury hot chocolate ... the lady at Chang noticed I was walking funny (read: hobbling) and gifted me an easter egg when I told her about Me vs Ovarian Cyst Torsion... so sweet... Brooklyn is rad. There's everything you need and the people are so friendly here.

April 1, 2010

Around the Internet

At home, ill and pumped full of antibiotics.
Better than being at home, ill and not pumped full of antibiotics, I guess!

'Ziggy' by Jessica Josslin. Her work is amazing.

Also amazing: Sewing tattoos (!!!) on Flikr

I've been trying to find some articles that make me smile. It's harder than you'd expect. Everywhere you turn for news&views stuff: a million things negative.

All of this Hadron Collider stuff is rad, though.

"The world's largest experiment into the fundamental forces of nature has begun in silent pursuit of the answers to some of the most esoteric questions of science, hitherto addressed by spirituality and philosophy." - LHC: Will We Find The God Particle, Dark Matter and Supersymmetry?

Al Jazeera: Cern opens up the world of physics
Wall Street Journal: A Second Big Bang In Geneva?


Lord Layard's Movement for Happiness seeks a director with vision