September 27, 2010

Location Location Location

Hey misfits!

I have a new online home:

♥ ♥ ♥

September 26, 2010

Being Optimistic

Via Ffffound

My new criteria for choosing non fiction books is that reading it will make me feel good.

Right now I am reading: 'Leap! Ditch Your Job, Start Your Business and Set Yourself Free' by Ian Sanders and 'All Time Essentials for Entrepreneurs' by Jonathan Yates.

Both inspiring and awesome.

Thursday, after being fortified this morning with McDonalds of Doom for breakfast and a surreal detour in to Warhammer HQ with Cam, I finalised the Pennyroyal logo and bought a bunch of beautiful paper sheets from Gordon Harris to play with.

There is so much to do and so many exciting things going on. Having to take it easy because of my health is frustrating sometimes, but I'm trying (and mostly suceeding!) to keep it positive.

♠ I made twelve rings this week

♠ Since leaving Tech, being able to chill when my body needs it, I have needed to put my feet up less often

♠ Pennyroyal has a logo! Yuss!

♠ I am mulling over a bunch of ideas for packaging and labelling, and excitedly sourcing wares for another batch of goodies

♠ I have a bunch of amazing, supportive people in my life ♥

In the past I would have been really bummed out and mopey about having to leave work early due to being sore on Saturday, and not being able to go out to the No Love Lost vs. RockRavenNinja show that night for the same reason. Feeling sad&sorry for myself about not being able to graduate from Tech.

Not anymore though!

Let me tell you, it is so much easier on your sense of self, aiming to be accepting of whatever is going on in the present, and just doing what can with what you have got right now in order to move forward and upwards, onwards. Beyond.

Optimism is woefully underrated. That, and making lists.


September 23, 2010

Business Time

Andrew Gonzalez' Unio Mystica

I've been able to complete a bunch of missions today - yuss! It has been an amazing week full of beautiful things.

♠ Working on branding for Pennyroyal

♠ Wearing a couple of PR rings out and about and joyously thwacking them against random hard surfaces to test durability

♠ I feel really positive about the decision I made to leave Tech - my body is thanking me in small ways already

♠ The specialist appointment I had on Wednesday was a total success; I am booked in for investigative keyhole surgery in mid-October. Having my own private room with an ensuite will be wonderful, though I am still thankful that it will only be an overnight stay!

♠ Baking more cupcakes! Ever since the SPCA fundraiser I have become obsessed

♠ Communal Outrageous Fortune viewing on Tuesday night, complete with mind-blowing (seriously, so delicious) fruit cheese and a whole lot of dark chocolate

Pennyroyal is kicking in to gear; I have sold my first piece already! I am starting this business with calm focus, positive intent and a whole lotta love.


Thursday Newsbites

Via Ffffound

Sun, sea and grit - 'Israeli and West Bank women risk jail for day at the beach' Awesome, brave women.

Naomi Klein: How we can build a movement so radical, so militant, so powerful that it becomes irresistible

Pope faces huge protests

Thai red-shirts stage defiant protest

Baby snow leopard filmed in mountains of Bhutan - Cats rule!

September 22, 2010

To The Stars

Every now and then I wander around the HubbleSite gallery and reinvigorate myself via the beauty and strength of this crazy vast space we occupy.

Truly awesome.


September 20, 2010

October 15 Book Launch / Musings on Media

Book launch to commemorate State Terror Raids - "All supporters, friends, fellow travellers and freedom fighters are welcome!" according to Valerie Morse, who edited the collection.

The launch will be on the 15th of October at 6pm, at Thistle Hall on Cuba Street.

"On Monday, October 15th 2007, more than 300 police carried out dawn raids on dozens of houses all over Aotearoa / New Zealand. Police claim the raids were in response to 'concrete terrorist threats' from indigenous activists. 20 people are facing charges under the Arms Act, in a trial that could take several years. On this site you can find out how to get involved in local support groups, dates and locations of solidarity events are happening and how to make a donation." - October 15th Solidarity

Reading first-hand accounts of what happened during the raids is important. They will go some way towards debunking the tediously predictable, fearmongering perspectives that get thrown around by big media.

The lies and inaccuracies that powerful people, through the media, would have us believe about ourselves, about our world, about each other, are truly ridiculous. Media literacy is so goddamn essential. Now more than ever. Recognition of the agenda at play is key to living a sweet life, I think.

Being media-aware has helped my happiness so much. It's waaay more difficult for those motherfuckers to dent my self-esteem these days and the key is recognition. Once I began to recognize propaganda it was like an avalanche of awareness: I started noticing the subtle framing of things, the small omissions, the cynical ploys.

The all-encompassing Western media-corporate-political web does not want you to be happy. It does not want you to believe that change is possible. It does not want you realise the knowledge your bones feel, the age-old quantum science that everything is interconnected.

For time immemorial, it has been this way: Powerful people trying to accumulate more power at the expense of everyone and everything else. This is the game being played.

I am refusing to play the game anymore by bolding loving and having immense faith in myself and the universe.


September 17, 2010

Making Things is Awesome

Os Gémeos and Blu do beautiful things in Lisbon. Via Ffffound

It has been an amazing week. The most gorgeous selection of cameos and vintage cabochons are one their way to Pennyroyal HQ. I can really sink my teeth into producing the range when they arrive. Exciting beyond belief!

Hell yes...

♠ Seasonal vegetable curry from Khana Kharzana (sp?). Vegan; cheap; delicious

♠ Being accepting of change

♠ Craving chocolate, then remembering about an uneaten Aero. Victory!

♠ The Wire. If you haven't seen it yet, obtain a copy somehow...

♠ Milo. Back with a vengence

♠ Going out for Japanese food with Cam, Paul and Maia; Hede is rad when it's not super-busy. Inari, teriyaki fish, inappropriate Rosé. Good times ♥

♠ Being able to walk to the library on a sunny, warm, glittering Sunday

♠ Having a bunch of new books to read: The Tao of Now (Josh Baran), God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater (Kurt Vonnegut), Sixteen Shades of Crazy (Rachel Trezise) and The Unit (Ninni Holmqvist). Awesome! I'm also reading, after having had it sitting on my bookshelf for years, Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Excellent

♠ Making a double batch of cupcakes (orange and blueberry; blue orange-flavoured icing and sprinkles ♥) and eating until I had them coming out of my ears

Shoe design by Kobi Levi! Via Ffffound

See also:

Postcard Set Kitties by Gemmabear. Via Ffffound

Through which I found the truly genius:

Pugs not Drugs tee by Gemmabear. Via Ffffound

Every single item in her shop brings a smile to my face :-D


Friday Newsbites

Via Ffffound


Child mortality falls by third - Awesome!

MP David Garrett resigns

Khmer Rouge leaders indicted

Lawsuit challenges sexism at Goldman Sachs

No more state of emergency in Christchurch


Gordon Campbell on the draconian Christchurch earthquake legislation - If Phil Goff wasn't such a Nothing, Labour could have torn National to shreds with this. Though mostly I am just appalled at the Greens for supporting it.

The airport is determined to have its Wellywood sign - This is obviously a terrible idea.

September 15, 2010

No More Fashion Tech / Kristen Ferrell

Coco Rocha by Solve Sundsbo, via Ffffound

On Friday afternoon I downloaded Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, TLC, Divinyls, Lady Gaga, The Runaways, Veruca Salt, Roxette, Salt 'n Pepa. It was a ladyfest at work on Saturday!

Cool things that happened last week...

♠ One of the girls at Tech asked if she could do a tarot reading for me; I'd never had one done before, it was a really rewarding experience. I felt super-positive afterwards ♥

♠ Penny-the-kitten being fitted with a suave leopard print collar and becoming hilariously unhappy about it

♠ Assessment day at Tech went so well; Friday was also speech day (!), mine was about goth fashion, muahaha. I walked out of the building after class with a light heart and lucid head. So sweet

♠ A bunch of confirmation emails waiting in my inbox relating to various purchases of ring findings for my range. Exiting times!


For the last five weeks or so, I've been having post-surgery troubles. I've had to take a bunch of days off of class; too many days, as it turns out. Boo! The class schedule is too tight, from now until the end of course, for me to make up what I've missed so far (let alone the odd day that I'd likely have to miss during the next little while).

On one hand it is disappointing and frustrating as all hell. I busted my ass sooo hard to get into Pattern Design and now the same problem that held me back in Garment Tech has ruined my hope of graduating from this course. Yesterday I came home from Tech and had a big cry and moped around a little.

On the other hand, after having thought about things and gained perspective, ever since Cam came back from Sydney, asking if I want to move over there with him next year, my path moved away from Fashion Tech and towards SIT.

Unlike Tech, SIT's Applied Fashion Diploma starts patternmaking from scratch, so everything I have learned and would have learned is bonus knowledge (which I was stoked about, but it isn't essential).

It is tempting to keep going to class despite not being able to graduate. I am not going to.

Three things:

♠ Charm my way into full time work (+ Saturdays at Cosmic, keepin' it real) in order to start save save saving $$$ for relocating to Sydney
♠ Release my range of rings successfully
♠ Obtain patternmaking tools and do what I can with what I've learned so far

By full time work I actually mean '30 hours, 4 days a week'. That'd be IDEAL.

Hah, good luck lady.

After scouring a few websites I've rounded up a whole bunch of jobs to apply for and tomorrow aim to prepare an irresistable CV to wave in front of prospective employers. I'd love to get another job that inspires and delights me as much as working at Cosmic Corner does, but am not holding my breath. Cosmic's right up there when it comes to sweet places to work.

Dentures Cupcake by Kristen Ferrell

I have one of Kristen's t-shirts, a severed-finger print, it is morbidly wonderful. She is one cool cat, and one of the people whose work and kick-ass attitude inspired me to grab hold of my dreams. Buy her cupcakes!

"Every day the choice is presented to us, to live up to the spirit that is in us, or deny it."
Henry Miller

The plan is to take it as easy as I have to until my abdomen is back up and running, hopefully only a week or two, then land a job that will help me fast-track to Sydney.

Everything happens for a reason!


August 30, 2010

Cupcake Day

Lee Friedlander self-portrait; Westport, Connecticut 1968. Via Ffffound

Cosmic on Cuba St had a cupcake fundraiser for the SPCA this past weekend. Technically, Cupcake Day is supposed to be today, but Ish decided to do it during a busier time so we could entice more people with sweet treats!

Ish and I held down the fort during the day on Saturday, it was lots of fun. We made an awesome, irresistable display. There were SO MANY CUPCAKES, the smell of sugary-sweet baked goods was making us salivate allll day.

I was late for work due to running a last minute icing-and-sprinkles gauntlet :-p As far as lateness for work goes, though, icing cakes for the animals must be up there in the top 5 best excuses. Photos to come!

Fundraising-baking has given me a little cupcake fever. Yesterday afternoon I made a double batch of chocolate (with chocolate icing squiggles, chocolate sprinkles and a peppermint Poppit on top) and orange (with orange icing and candy sprinkles, half with blueberries as well); we've been reaping the delicious rewards ever since. There are three left, soon to be two... YUM ♥

Up, up...

♠ Using the time I have to spend away from class due to post-surgery pain productively and steadily working on the range of rings

♠ Knowing that everything will work out in the end

♠ Eating lots of cupcakes

♠ Leggings; pants-free ftw

♠ The weather getting warmer; Wellington is such a tease sometimes

♠ Discovering that the company Tech gets it's patternmaking equipment from has an online store - best find in ages!

♠ Ordering a whole bunch of ring shanks - exciting times ♥

Facebook Should Stop Censoring Marijuana Legalization Campaign Ads - They sure should. | "Twenty years ago today, the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 became law. " 28/08/10 at No Right Turn. | Don’t pine for our clean green brand, stop GE! - This "brand NZ" crap is nonsense, the Greens should stay right away from it. But I love them for having an anti-GE stance. History is slowly proving the hippies right, after all.| From Adding Noughts in Vain: How Hard Would Dramatic Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Really Be? "...the sooner big business stops paying lobbyists to derail change and starts paying engineers to work out how to solve the problem, the better."