September 23, 2010

Business Time

Andrew Gonzalez' Unio Mystica

I've been able to complete a bunch of missions today - yuss! It has been an amazing week full of beautiful things.

♠ Working on branding for Pennyroyal

♠ Wearing a couple of PR rings out and about and joyously thwacking them against random hard surfaces to test durability

♠ I feel really positive about the decision I made to leave Tech - my body is thanking me in small ways already

♠ The specialist appointment I had on Wednesday was a total success; I am booked in for investigative keyhole surgery in mid-October. Having my own private room with an ensuite will be wonderful, though I am still thankful that it will only be an overnight stay!

♠ Baking more cupcakes! Ever since the SPCA fundraiser I have become obsessed

♠ Communal Outrageous Fortune viewing on Tuesday night, complete with mind-blowing (seriously, so delicious) fruit cheese and a whole lot of dark chocolate

Pennyroyal is kicking in to gear; I have sold my first piece already! I am starting this business with calm focus, positive intent and a whole lotta love.


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